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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 9, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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with the flu symptoms can come on rapidly in just 3 >> some good advice, foster farms responding after inspec r inspectors closed down a california plant, saying they found cockroaches crawling inside on multiple occasions the plant located in livingston south of modesto. laura? >> this is the second major incident for foster farms. this time the product is on the shelves we found many still buying it. clean up continues in a chicken plant south of modesto, some seem unphased
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inspectors found cockroaches inside of the plant. >> just caught them. you know, just check other places. it's hard to keep them out. i think have you to have continuing vigilance. >> would you buy foster farms? >> i did today i bought chicken tenders i stuck them in the freezer. >> latest incident just four months after the plant and two others were linked to an outbreak. wednesday, foster farms issued this statement, quote, food safety is our highest priority. and this is an isolated incident. experts say the issue is minor if the chicken is handled properly bit consumer. >> this to relates to cock
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roaches but the issue is the chicken. when you purchase or cook chicken you need to be careful making sure the chicken is completely cooked. >> if you have it, you're going to eat it, make sure you cook it all the way through. >> business dropped 25% during the outbreak. in alamo abc7 news. >> a huge fire triggered health warnings the fire kept 100 firefighters busy all morning and still keeping an eye on think the morning the fire burned near julian and north 28th street. >> how it started remains a
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mystery. arson investigators looking for clues 12 hours after, still, lots of smoke coming from this warehouse. neighbors now being awill youed home after a long, scary day. >> his dog was freaked out he looked and saw this. his neighbors and got out. >> embers landed on the roof of the garage. >> the neighborhood was evacuated. firefighters tried to contain the five-alarm blaze inside of the warehouse, getting upper hand wasn't easy. it was home to six businesses including a feed store which
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>> big open space, one full of the hay billed. that gave fuel to burn >> my day is ruined. >> jeff lost part of his insulation business. >> it was under control and then stuff started bloiing up. now, it's worse. it went up quickly. >> ex-plowses are cloud and scary. >> the explosions some propane tanks ignited. the fire put up smoke and forced closure of a preschool and empire gardens elementary. >> i asked if i should leave hefr, they said leave her here, then five minutes later they're like nochlt come back. i think
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thes for the best. >> firefighters are still searching for a cause. >> an east bay teenager recovering after he was shot heading to school. the 17-year-old had just gotten off a transit bus when someone shot him in the side officials put three schools on lock down while officers searched for the person responsible. the principal says they will be taking steps to make the campus safe. >> police are asking for help to identify a man who attempted to kidnap a teenager on new year's day. this is a sketch of the man described as african american in his late 20s. he bear hugs her and dragged her down the street.
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we're glad to tell you the woman escaped. the man accused of killing sierra lamar back in court today but did not enter a plea. defense attorneys gathered more evidence. he was arrested two months later but after a dozen court appearances, still, has not entered a plea and family members and friends are growing weary of delays. >> this is frustrating we're not getting the information that we need to have better searches. >> the body has never been found. those searching for her want torres to reveal what happened to her. so far they have conducted 500 searchs in the area. >> a man accused of beating a
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friend to death in june has been found not guilty by reason of insanity the 26-year-old is being sent to a mental hospital now. two doctors determined he was delusional when he picked up a baseball bat and beat his friend in a store his friend died there at the scene. >> police arrested cousin thinks say robbed four banks last year following a joint investigation bit san jose and milpitas police department. police say in november and december they robbed three more banks from campbell to milpitas.
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>> friends say a yahoo programmer has not been heard from since new year's eve. he has a number of tattoos, his friends think he celebrated in san francisco, he is from new york. friends say he might have returned there, but they're concerned because they have not heard from him. >> very strange. governor brown just released his budget for coming year ask guess what? this has a surplus. >> school, health care, public safety this, budget reflects in a strong way. >> the plan represents a 9% increase and uses money to begin chipping away at california's massive wall of debt. estimated $355 billion worth of unfunded
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liabilities. leanne? >> if the governor's budget passes schools and colleges will get $10 billion. after years of brought and pink slips there will be more money. >> for the past several years, cut backs have been the most frequently used. >> it's a great opportunity to be able invest in our kids >> the infusion means more per student in 2014, 2014
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like a lot but most is deferred rev nuchlt put another way, payments the state should have made and never did. >> california has been using school funding as an atm for the state budget. and this is about $6 billion. >> the state found more revenue that will go to skoochlts districts haven't had enough time to figure out how to use the money. many zil to train teachers when implementing the common core cirriculum. it's a big cost. another possibility is increasing salaries after years of unpaid furlough days. >> we have not been able to provide much in the way of raises as they or we would like.
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>> school districts may use funds to improve student teacher ratio. >> every parent wants their child to have more attention from a trained teacher. >> california has been among the lowest in per pupil funding. advocates say with this money we'll no longer be scraping bottom. >> there is more ahead including a visible push to help youngest victims of human trafficking. >> if you have a faulty home appliance is it bet twroer repair or replace it?
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a standoff between a robbery suspect and suspect ended peacefully. authorities arrested the man this afternoon on the monterey highway. the man is a suspect in a vacaville police received a tip the suspect might be staying in a room in that motel. police tried to arrest him. he let officers on a standoff. three women and three children with whom the suspect shared a room were also detained >> alameda county is unveiling a campaign aimed at fighting human trafficking the children and sexual exploitation of minors in oakland. these posters will be placed on build boards
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throughout the city. >> holding judgment against those children as if they're committing the crime is what allows some societies to make them invisible. they don't have to do anything about it. >> the message says buying a teenager for sex is child abuse ask to ignore that is negligent. authorities are hoping children being prostituted will discover there is a way out. >> one of the mayor's former advisors announced he's running against her. seigel previously served as an advisor but resigned to protest the city's crack down in the fall of
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>> a rare pest discovered at san francisco international airport in a shipment of fresh basil from mexico. it's referred to as a type of stink bug and poses a major agricultural threat. this is the first known appearance. after identifying the pest the shipment was refused entry. this stink bug only has been discovered once before in the united states. >> snap chat issued an apology after a security breech exposing millions of user telephone numbers hackers exposed user names and numbers of more than 4.5 million users of the photo app. los angeles-based start up released an update to the apps supposedly fixes the problem. users can now
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avoid linking their user names with their known numbers directly. >> consumer reports has partnered with seven on your side for a report on whether it's time to fix or get rid of your appliances. >> that is a tough choice, isn't it? >> to repair or not to repair? that is the question. >> consumer reports surveyed 29,000 subscribers and can tell what you types break most often, how to decide whether to fix or buy new. many people have problem appliances. this man's fridge, then dish washer, then, his microwave. side by side refrigeration are among the most problem prone according to a
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survey 31% needed repair business the time they're four years old. >> bottom refrigerator was ice makers needed repairs almost as often. 28% of them. >> others were dish washers. 20%. self propelled mowers, 23%. lawn tractors 28%. when is a repair worth it? >> a general advice for new year ply yenss and electronics is fix them rather than ditch them. if the cost is less than half of the cost of replacing. >> consumer reports find some products are get morgue reliable. lcd televisions have a 7% repair rate compared to 15% in 2010. even lap tops are improving. >> it's annoying when something
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breaks. >> still, consumer reports says go with an independent shop. consumer reports also says don't ab frayed to have haggle over the cost. those who asked for a lower price government it nearly 40% of the time. that is amazing. if you go to my face book page very a company there that sells parts for nay ply yens, even it's no longer made. >> incredible. >> museum of parts? >> you got it. >> thank you. >> sure. >> it's been so dry that multiple states are asking people to pray for rain. local mosques will offer a prayer for rain tomorrow. a tv station in fresno asking folks to pray for
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rain. and today governor brown pledged to work to get more water to par. ed fields but said, quote, governors can not make it rain. they cannot. >> even governors >> let's see if our reetologist can go do anything about this. >> very power to make it rain. we're going to graduate from drizzle to rain this weekend. right now it's just behind me with a burst of color. right now, high level clouds moving through and are way up there. that is why we're seeing some beautiful color out here, napa, 24 miles per hour wind gusts. feels cooler than it s here is
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what i'm talking about. is that incredible? 54 in san francisco. 56 oakland. 55 san jose. temperatures into 50s for everyone. 59 santa rosa. 50s petaluma and fairfield. looking towards financial district there, you can see how beautiful it s sunny, mild ask w.a chance of rain. spring like warmth next week. here is a look at the picture. first system here stays north. this second system is one going to bring us a chance of rain on saturday. saturday morning. beth chance
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will be north bay. rain lines shifting around lunch hour and not a lot left to this. answerel plans. then, high pressure building in next week. walking about warm yerj weather. record highs are possible tuesday through thursday. so stay tuned. make sure you grb a jacket or sweater. filtered sunshine. guess what? game forecast up against panthers in north carolina looks fantastic. going to be dry there
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57 degrees to 54. should be great weather for the game. taking a look at the accu-weather forecast, something for everyone. it's milder tomorrow. chance of rain saturday. very brief. milder towards sunday, monday period. warm winter wherj you can see 70s on the board there. usually warm. a strong ridge builds in. rain coming in saturday looks better than what we're talk about right now. i told you, you can i can do it >> powerful friends, thank you. >> all right. still head an inspiring weight loss story from a woman. dedication she went into documenting on video. >> that is here and a couple
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borrowing someone else's
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a berkeley woman lost 18 pounds after vowing to go to the gym 100 days straight. she skieded to take on the give it 100 challenge to try something new recording a ten second video every day to track progress. well, she documented all of the difficulties she faced including her depression going to the gym and watching her friends moving forward quickly than she was in the final video she says she was able to find love in herself. >> she looks great, too. >> 49er fever growing tonight. the team gears up to take on panthers, sunday, playoffs. did i say sunday? sunday, sunday. niners fans are
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sharing their pride with us. this 7-year-old is kaepernicking. and where is coco? looking for a win. we love to see coco. we love to see your 49ers pride. you can post them on our facebook page or tweet them to us. abc7 news bay area. >> yes. they're great. >> still ahead new push to help save a relic of the bay area's past. past. >> why the fifteen minutes could save youn
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we're still working on the flu story with several more deaths being reported here today also tonight the measures california cattle farmers may have to take to deal with the drought we're facing. cars at the san jose auto show. how it's bringing detroit and silicon valley closer to together. a new tool that fits like a glove. >> interesting. yes. >> three historic heads used as a symbol for the doggy diner chain need your help. >> one man rescued them to keep them from being thrown way. >> they ha suffered corrosion, and the trailer is rick yetty the owner is his friends are trying to raise money to restore the dogs to their former glory there is a sight you don't see. >> they're pretty iconic.
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>> thanks for joining us. >> thank you for company we appreciate your time. we'll welcome to "world news." tonight, big apology from a man who said he's angry, humbled and betrayed. >> i am embarrassed and humiliated. >> new jersey's brash governor, scrambling, after his aides reportedly created a massive four-day traffic jam for politics. thawing out. why are all those pipes in all those homes exploding across the country now? and perk up. good news for coffee drinkers. a surprising study may have you reaching for another cup of coffee. good evening to you on this thursday night. as one of the country's most colorful political leaders makes an apology tour in the middle of a fireor


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